Buying Merlin bluetooth keyboard

Now, I am at Dubai international airport. Waiting for the transit to Moscow which should start to board in the next 5-10 minutes.

I write this post using the newly purchased Bluetooth keyboard. This is cost about 1750 THB. It seems to work quite well with Samsung Galaxy Tab. Of course Thai language is not supported. (I think it is too much to expect that this keyboard will support Thai out of the box).

The good thing about this is it also works for iPad as well. Better than the Samsung keyboard itself which the last time I checked, it cost 1990 Baht and can only work with Galaxy Tab.

The thing I don’t like about it is it made out of silicone rubber. Yes, it is similar to the cheap 200 Baht USD foldable keyboard I bought a few years ago. It’s not woking then, because of not so good feeling about typing and you still need USB port to connect. So the real keyboard was better in everyway.

Will this one with wireless gets better? We will see.


2 thoughts on “Buying Merlin bluetooth keyboard


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